Friday Film – Cock

Every Friday we descend into the vaults here at Bunker HQ and dig out one of the many fine (and occasionally not so fine) films that we have produced over the years. Come join us for another instalment of cinematic silliness.

In 2008 we took Ragnarok Dawn to the 2 Days Later Film Competition in Margate. In hindsight – and when the competition came around again – I had nothing but wanted to enter. Something had bothered me about the year before – that while it was loaded with very well put together hand-crafted original films there wasn’t a judder or a shock or an audible noise from the audience. From that idea, and the list of things that had to be involved in the film (a puppet, a line of dialogue ‘I heard about that last night on the radio’ and an aphrodisiac) this grotesque monster of a short film formed. The day before I discovered there’d be no Boom mike so apologies for the sound.

For our trouble a Special Effects award for the incredibly talented William Fitzgerald and a thanks from me to Luke Ireland (for surviving), Sarah Jolly (for stepping in at the last minute to play the ‘love’ interest), William for the ‘Cock’, Mark Hung for the original score and Laura Kressley for trying to help me keep it together as well as everyone else who was about to help put this madness together.