The Solar System is Doomed and so are you

XKCD’s Randall Munroe’s piece on the utter futility of getting up in the morning (or indeed watching fatuous entertainment news shows) really gets into the guts of what it’s like in the endless velvet nothingness of existence. In a universe made almost entirely of the absence of something, punctuated with violent and cataclysmic birthing pools of giant Hydrogen atomic balls, firing deadly radiation everywhere and nuturing only a very tiny number of miniscule globules of detritus, all of which are unlikely to be able to sustain the absurdly specific requirements of our fragile and ultimately rapidly aging forms, frankly the end (while maybe not nigh) is bloody obvious.Best to simply shrug and resign your ancestors to the cold and lonely death in open space or the fiery annihaltion of a Supernova.

Remember: Between the sky and the ground and sea is our Fishbowl. We are the fish. Good luck out there people.

(Unless we redesign ourselves like the first Guardians of the Galaxy – that’d be awesome).

Dropping Science: How Deep are the Deepest Oceans?

Randall Munroe has produced several scientific illustrations that aim to help tiny human brains cope with mega concepts. This time he’s tackled the concept of depth by producing this gorgeous chart of the world’s oceans (and associated deep things).

The chart allows you to see a) Just how little we know about the oceans, b) Just how awesome whales are compared to submarines and c) Just how devious James Cameron is.

You can view a full size version of the chart HERE.