Iron Age: The Iron Man 3 Trailer

Hard to know how to follow up Iron Man 1 and 2 and the obvious triumph of Avengers (Assemble). Seems the people over at Marvel Entertainment have a clear idea. Smash everything to bits and start again. Reminiscent of Iron Man’s … um.. tangy.. story a little while back where Hammer and Norman Osborn took everything from him, someone looking suspiciously like Hammer and someone who would no doubt be Norman Osborn if someone else didn’t have Spider-man are taking everything from him…

And Gandhi’s forgotten his oath of non violent protest, found some rings and gone all heavily armoured Sexy Beast. Frankly, I can’t wait!! Great cast and a brilliant premise. The double whammy of two villains in the form of Iron Patriot and the Mandarin has rarely been done well but let’s see what happens here… please, please, please keep it up Marvel.

Avengers Movie Renamed

Looking forwards to watching The Avengers in a couple of months? Well you can’t. But, thanks to a last minute name change, you CAN go and see Avengers Assemble.

Disney announced today that due to the existence of the iconic 60s TV show of the same name (as well as the somewhat less iconic movie), they’re changing the UK title of their upcoming super team up movie. So far as we know the film will still be called “The Avengers” around the rest of the world, but we Brits just can’t be trusted to not get confused.

Disney also released a new poster which sticks to their central marketing strategy of reminding everybody that Robert Downey Jr. is in the film. Were it not being heralded as genuine by all the news outlets I’d be calling fake on it as the photoshopping of some of the characters is kinda dodgy (Hawkeye seems to be trying to do some sort of weird, backwards, Michael Jackson leaning thing) but I guess they can’t all be perfect.