Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Star Wars

I still remain utterly confused on how to work this website since Dan updated it. The fact that I agreed to it had nothing to do with it, there are now a sequence of buttons I have to hit and avoid otherwise I might break the website. Might take me a minute to get the hang of it.

Anyway, this is how I wish me and Dan were when no one was watching. Secretly we bicker like children (well I do, Dan remains stoical and sensible most of the time). In an astonishing lack of awareness of their new status, Frost and Pegg used the production of their first major feature film produced outside of the UK to tit about in the desert in almost the most cobbled together outfits you’ve ever seen.

I love this. It’s just the sort of thing I hope to do if we ever get to San Diego Comicon with Moon. Only Pegg and Frost’ve done it now so now we’ll just hunt Pegg and Frost.

Pegg and Frost Star Wars

News Team Re-Assemble! Anchorman 2 Is Happening!!

As of 09:00 Mountain Time, Paramount Pictures and Ron Burgundy have come to terms on a sequel of Anchorman. Ron himself announced such a thing on air on the Conan O’ Brien show.

Ladies – get ready – Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team are back on the air!!

Great news for anyone who loved the first movie – I loved it so much I even bought the 1.5 version that was made up of the random cut aways of the original (not so good). By Odin’s Beard – let this version be better than that!!

Go fuck yourself San Diego!