Dropping Science: The Fastest Robot Alive


In a story that would fit quite nicely into a comic book, Boston Dynamics sprinting Cheetah Robot this week shattered the robot land speed record with a staggering speed of 28.3 MPH. That’s impressive enough when you consider that the previous record (also set by Cheetah) was a mere 18mph but downright terrifying when you realise that it also out paces the human land speed record held by Usain Bolt (why is 27.9 for those keeping score).

That’s right, science has given us a robot cheetah that can chase you down no matter how fast you run. So long as you only run on a treadmill, underneath a stabilising boom and within reach of a mains power supply.

For more info on the project, visit www.BostonDynamics.com

Suck it Asimo!



Dropping Science: Rise of the Nano-Copters!


Remote controlled Quadrocopters (aircraft powered by 4 rotors) have been cropping up around the world for a while now. The combination of stability and manoeuvrability  makes them perfect aerial toys but at heart they are essentially robots and wherever there are robots, there are robotics scientists.

A team from KMel Robotics, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania have developed a swarm of nano-quadrocopters which can accept some scarily advanced programming. In this video the team demonstrate how the little bots can fly in formation and even alter their flight patterns to navigate around objects, contracting and expanding like some kind of creepy, flying mecha-water.

It’s a brilliant bit of robotics and an excellent demonstration. I just hope that somebody has John Connor’s number to hand.