Wolverine: The Musical

If there’s a greater joy than musicals about borderline psychotic canadian mutants then it’s an Australian voiced puppet supported by an incredibly well selected batch of Marvel miscreants singing a medley of altered musical classics.

This video gives it all, as well as the best use for Multiple Man since X-Factor 92 where he multiplied himself inside and exploded a member of the Acolytes.

Personal favourite moment: A silent Wolverine just wandering over a host of singing Multiple Men and revenge at Spider-man.

Anyone who knows us or attended Moon Launch 2 knows that we love a show with a puppet in it. Moon Launch featured Laura Bacon in duet with a human with her hand up a puppets butt!! Now that’s showbiz and this has been our favourite interpretation of the ol’ canuckle head.

Moon’s Song of the Week: Here I Am by Adam Green and Binki Shapiro

I’m a big Adam Green fan (Gemstones is one of the few albums that I genuinely listen to end to end on a regular basis) so when I hear that he has a new song out then it’s a no brainer to throw it up on the site.

Here I Am is a chilled out, quirky duet with Binki Shapiro, who has a voice every bit as wonderful as his name. It’s from the upcoming, self titled album and it’s well worth starting your weekend off with.


Moon’s Song of the Week: Faster Horses by MNDR

Moon’s bringing you a bit of electro today. Faster Horses is the new single from American electro duo, MNDR and it’s pretty much exactly the kind of music you need on a Friday. While it really needs a big sound system to do it justice, it still has a fantastic feel to it on my puny speakers. I just love the way it breaks down half way through.

Faster Horses is out now.


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Moon’s Song of the Week: Everything Changes by Eytan and The Embassy


This week’s track has the rare distinction of being a world record holder in that if features the most costume changes of any unedited music video. In the course of this fun and jaunty summer tune New York artist Eytan Oren whizzes through 30 different outfits covering some of the biggest faces in pop. The costume choices are funny in and of themselves but the fact that the video is unedited makes it all the more impressive.

You can download the track for free from it’s youtube page.



An Ode to Trollin’! : Thank you Hater! Wins The Internet Today!*

This little number caught my attention earlier today and I’d lined it up for later on in the week until I saw that our resident writer Dan’s very own web savvy (and frankly cooler) brother had clocked it too I took it as a sign to post up and frankly ride the anti-trollin’ wagon.

The musical video by Clever Pie and Isabel Fey tackles the seedy underbelly of frustrated illiteracy on the web. It doesn’t quite tackle the Freudian nightmare suggested by the seemingly unstoppable bubbling up of religious extremism, bigotry and bad spelling that apparently underpins society but is held at bay because we can see each other, but it’s very funny and well aimed. And features a wanking gibbon and a Samba Interlude. Which always gets a thumb up from us.


His Name is James Bond


Very much not safe for work but very very funny. Turns out that on reflection James Bond is a complete tool and so Youtuber Running Corners decided to make a song celebrating this. It has a definite Adam & Joe vibe to it, albeit with a lot more swearing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this came to my attention via the twisted and brilliant Rob Carey. He has some new art on his blog and you should go look at it.