Total Recall is back (or is it an implant?)

Total Recall is back and the trailer gives almost as much away as the 1990 version. Looks like Paul Verhoeven’s psychedelic pre-Starship Troopers colour scheme is out the air tight window for the standard gun metal grey filter the future’s always in nowadays. And Harold of Harold and Kumar looks like he’s gone up in the world.

As the nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai vie for supremacy, a factory worker (Farrell) begins to suspect that he’s a spy, though he is unaware which side of the fight he’s on. Is it even on Mars?! Aw, Man…

For those of you still pining for the original here’s the 1990 version for you.

New York to Neo Tokyo: Wolverine and Iron Man Anime

It’s finally happened. Not since Transformers in the eighties has american ideas and Japanese animation been combined so effectively. If your a fanb of high end, break neck animation and… well… Iron Man and Wolverine, this a must. Show me the way to the Manga section.

On the web-line: Characters, power changes and plot reveal for Spider-man 4

The aptly named Marc Webb (director of 500 Days of Summer) has confirmed that the new film featuring Andrew Garfield as everyone’s favourite web slinger is to be the Amazing Spider-man, after the original series. This compounds his insistence that the storyline of the movie will follow the continuity of the original series with Parker firmly fixed at school for the duration of the movies and presumably for any following film for the foreseeable.

But also, and most notably is the evidence the new image offers of the new Spider-man. While Raimi’s version gained the ability to fire web lines from his wrists biologically Webb’s incarnation has taken things into his own hands (kinda literally), returning the web line fluid to artificially created web slingers on his wrists. James Cameron got rid of the Web Shooter idea while developing the first films and Sam Raimi upheld the decision even after extensive alterations to the rest of the film.

This is all part of Webb’s plan to stick firmly to the Stan Lee Spider-man vision. Fans had been in uproar that the web shooters had been removed as it didn’t ‘reflect Peter Parker’s scientific ability’ so presumably by the end of ‘Spectacular Spider-man’ as the next one should be called based on the name of this one, Parker will have ditched the tights and been offered a lucrative contract with Americas Industrial-military complex as a physicist and chemical engineer and that’ll be the end of that. Only that ain’t how Stan Lee wrote it. And the story hinges on a kid absorbing the powers of a radioactive spider so probably best not to look too closely. Next step – Hellboy can’t walk because his right hand drags on the ground, Catwoman wears joggers and Cyclops blows his own face off while shaving. It doesn’t bear thinking about…

Another heads up that the Stan Lee storyline’s are being stringently stuck to is the lack of an MJ Watson, instead starting, as the original comic books did with Gwen Stacey. Whether Webb’ll take the plot line to its logical conclusion (certainly unlikely in this first installment) and actually send her off the same way as the comic book equivilent is obviously unconfirmed. But Webb wants Parker in the class room and struggling with the dual problems of being a science-geek nobody and a globally notorious superhero at the same time.

As yet no word on the Villain but you’ll hear it here when they tell us.

Shot, like everything should be, in glorious 3D, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ will be released next summer.

The Inventory

For those of you who are thinking ‘these guys are clearly heavily equipped to produce the sort of incredible high end stuff they put out every week’. Think again!

We’re running on;

  • Four HB Staedtler pencils.
  • 1 standard metal sharpener.
  • 1 almost spent Daler Rowney kneadable Soft Putty Eraser (small).
  • Four A3 (297 x 420mm) Acid Free 130gsm Cartridge Paper pads.
  • A set 5 of Copic Multiliner pens 0.3 to 0.7 with 7 type B cartridges.
  • One T Square.
  • 100 WHSmith DVD-R Recordable DVDs (4.7 GB, 8x Speed, approx 128 mins)
  • 100 Verbatim Paper CD Sleeves
  • 1 PC (Built for Games)
  • 1 Mac Pro with 2 Disc Drives, 16GB RAM, 2 2.66 Xeon ‘Westmere’ 6 core processors (12 core), 1TB of Memory space, 1 Supermouse.
  • 1 Adobe Creative Suite 5 Masters Edition (all the Adobes), 1 broken copy of Final Cut Pro, 1 download of
  • 1 copy of Microsoft Word, 1 copy of Microsoft Excel.
  • 1 TB ‘Mybook’ External Hardrive and 1 160GB ‘My Passport’ external harddrive.
  • 1 Canon Lide 700f Flatbed A4 Scanner
  • 1 PD150 DV Camera
  • 1 Tripod 7ft (bubble spirit level)
  • 1 Wide Angle Lens, 1 Matte Box, 5 Lens Filters (insert into Matte Box), 1 Front mounting light, 1 Battery Pack for light (clips on belt).
  • 12 Sony Mini DV Digital Video Cassettes (60 min).

… so we’re basically running on nothing. Not even a directors chair. Tut.