Epic Concrete Hustle Lightsabre Duel

Best thing about modern special effects techniques is that it gives portly asian boys the chance to fight in extreme battle sequences with Kung-fu flipping warriors in High Rise parking lots. Thank God for After Effects!!

Remarkably the Lightsabre hilts were made from sink taps which just goes to show you just how kitchen sink this production really was.

Courtesy of Infectiousdesigner on Youtube.

Epic Jedi Street Battle!!

… and if the post from two weeks ago (Revenge of the Jedi A-holes) ain’t sharp enough for you here’s an Epic Jedi Gang Fight on the streets of Los Angeles courtesy of Sam Macaroni via Shaycarl on Youtube. The man also responsible for this mess in a backgarden…

Revenge of the Jedi A-Holes

You can never keep a dark Jedi down. Two utter d@cks meandering around using the Force for something far from the continuance of good and the Jedi way. This one’s for Count Dooku bro!! Clever monkey special effects from the guys who brought you… well … Jedi A-Holes and Ninja Warrior Birthday Party. Freddiew on Youtube!! Maniacal child death at the hands of negligent Jedi gamblers abound. 😉

Attack of the Jedi A-holes

From the a-hole side of the galaxy come the a-hole Jedi, a nefarious gang of force pumped douche bags who use the force in ways that Yoda never thought of. But Master Windu might’ve. And Darth Vader definitely did. When not slicing up post boxes in pleasant neighbourhood streets, the Jedi a-holes like nothing more than being douches at the mall, or perhaps the beach. And if that weren’t enough – here’s the making of Jedi A-holes and how to do Lightsabres (a trick we already know but haven’t had a chance to do here at BTB)!! Well it’s almost Christmas isn’t it.


Dropping Science: A Diamond The Size Of A Planet!

It sounds like something straight out of a Jack Kirby story but nonetheless scientists in Australia believe that they have discovered a diamond five times the size of Earth, orbiting a distant star.

It began when astronomers discovered a neutron star about 4,000 lightyears away in the constellation Serpens. A neutron star is a star which has collapsed under its own gravity to produce an object which is both tiny (in this case just 12.4 miles in diameter) and incredibly dense. What’s interesting about this particular neutron star however is what’s orbiting around it: a carbon based planet more dense than any previously discovered. Due to the density of the object it is thought that the carbon must be crystallised meaning that large sections of the planet are probably comprised of pure diamond!

This whole drama is played out in an orbit so tight it could fit inside our own sun!

The likely explanation is that the planet was once a white dwarf star which got caught in the pull of the neutron star. The neutron fed on the mass of its neighbour, accelerating as it did so until the dwarf star was all but consumed. At some point however, rather than completely merging with the hungry neutron, the dwarf moved to a safe distance and entered a stable orbit around it. Unable to perform fusion reactions the dwarf was left with only a dead, solid core, now classified as a planet…a diamond planet!

The good news about this is that given 8,000 years and a big tow-truck we should be able to totally solve our economic problems! The better news is that I now have an excuse to post this video of Brian Cox explaining pulsars.