Fallen Heroes Page 3 Preview

Work continues apace on the central title of the Unseen Shadows Universe, currently building to a massive crescendo thanks to the tireless promotion of Barry Nugent of Geek Syndicate who created the book itself. With the Tales of the Fallen, Moon and Fallen Heroes 2 coming out in the next two months its all hands to the pumps at Bunker towers but we’re confident all will be complete.

First Look at Steph Connisbee: Operation Solomon

Afternoon all,

Those of you who have been following us for a while will know that Steve and I are currently (along with several other people) working on a Fallen Heroes spin off project called Unseen Shadows. It’s a huge project but one aspect of it involves a range of 22 page one shots, spinning out of Barry Nugent’s best selling novel/comic.

One of the spin off stories is Steph Connisbee: Operation Solomon by Richmond Clements and Conor Boyle. Barry released some preview art for the book earlier today and I have to say that it’s looking bloody lovely. Conor Boyle’s character work may well be some of the best I’ve seen on the Indy circuit and I’m now well and truly stoked for this book.

Here’s one of the pages for you to perv over but if you want to see the other one you’ll have to go over the the official UNSEEN SHADOWS WEBSITE (which is awesome).


EDIT: Be sure to have a look at Barry’s comment at the bottom of this post for clarification on what Unseen Shadows actually is. Basically Fallen Heroes is a part of the Unseen Shadows universe rather than the other way around. 

Fallen Heroes back: The Reverend, Chardon and Washington character designs (and a wrong’un)

One of the most prominent characters in the Fallen Heroes canon is a man named the Reverend – a challenge to say the least as he is described firstly as ‘normal’ and the description of him is left oddly loose beyond that. Tackling this character had taken some thought in order to reflect the fans of the original novel and the character himself. I’d personally heard many fans of the book explaining that the Reverend is their favourite character. The Nuge confirmed this design of the central character and force of nature last night so here he is…

Above are two more character designs from the first set to appear in the second issue of Fallen Heroes. Didn’t get the Reverend exactly right to begin with as Nic Wilkinson of Insomnia can atest to. My first Reverend design was a little off kilter and based a little too heavily on the saint of Killers from Preacher. Barry never saw that one as it wasn’t included… (be here next week to see that version).

Cheers, Steve P

Fallen Heroes sells out twice at Cardiff International Comics Expo

Fallen Heroes and Beyond the Bunker, Copydesk and Geek Syndicate rocked the Cardiff International Comics Expo twice yesterday in an astonishing feat of consumer excitement generated no doubt by Mr Barry Nugent, Geek Syndicate and http://www.fallenheroescomic.com. After a last minute dash to prepare for the opening the doors opened on the event at 10:00am. By 11 all copies had been sold. We found 10 more earmarked for sale to Martin Conaghan later in the day which then sold within 10 minutes. On top of which it was the first chance to meet Barry Nugent and hold a copy of Fallen Heroes in my hand. Gat Melvyn’s colours were the toast of the convention which is no surprise at all.

Fallen Heroes it would appear has very much arrived on the map and I’d like to thank everyone I met over the weekend for making it a kick ass experience. Next time we’ll make sure we bring more copies….! Full news and info on the events and experiences of Cardiff International Comic Expo will be here over the next few days (with pictures) including the panel and setting a Dalek on someone.

More will be made available soon for order and the Ipad/Ipod version will be available from tomorrow. Further details to follow.

Steve P

Fallen Heroes Pages 1

This week – to kick things off towards the release of Fallen Heroes 1 in February we have the sketch work that started the whole process off. Martin Conaghan is a precise and clear writer with a strong idea of how to achieve the best results and requested a full set of pencil lined draft pages. Although you haven’t seen the finished result I thought it might be interesting to show you the process that built it. BEWARE: SPOILER ALERT!

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