Django Unchained Trailer: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cool

Ethically borderline central characters – Check, 70s Kung Fu Movie simplicity – Check, Coolness bordering on latent homoeroticism – Check. Must be Tarantino’s back. Since the rampaging glory and Revenge of the Jews that was Inglorious Basterds I’ve been waiting (without really thinking about it often) for the next high octane dose of the ‘Tino.

While we’re never going to see the edginess of Pulp Fiction again these films are getting broader and more fun. It looks awesome. And looking at the slightly self aware casting it’s classic Tarantino!

It’s like Roots but where the slaves kick ass!!

Prometheus Trailer

Much has been made of the apparent prequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien. An expansion of the universe (and reportedly directly relating to aspects of Alien; namely the giant alien astronaut corpse found in the space ship wreck) there is a great deal of anticipation. Reports from the set suggest that Ridley Scott is entirely unswayed by any of the conjecture surrounding his latest project. As you’d expect of a great director moving towards a potentially seminal piece of cinema he’s keeping things firmly to his chest. It is however, supposedly a matter of success or destruction for the entire Human race. How that works is still uncertain but it looks like it could be a great ride finding out according to this intriguing trailer.

First Look at the New Conan Film

Not that one.

Well if there was any part of you that was still holding out hope that this movie would be about Conan O’Brian then you may finally put that to rest. The remake of the classic (I’m not sure that’s quite the right word) Arnie film is coming to cinemas thus August and as such the trailer campaign is now underway. The key difference this time around of course is that while the original Conan movies gave us the ever-so-slightly homoerotic adventures of an oiled up body builder who stabs people, this installment promises us the ever-so-slightly homoerotic adventures of an oiled up body builder who stabs people IN 3D!

And they say cinema’s run out of ideas.