Moon 3 Page 1 Pencils…. Evil Wears a Furry Face

Moon 3.1.1

So, it’s that time again. The third instalment of Moon is beginning to hove into view. With it is the introduction of a very special kind of evil. Revealed briefly in Moon 2, BunBun Warmheart is a villain that had everything going for him. Now his crimes against humanity mean not even his cute little face can get him off. Our hero, Moon and Shades will be facing this little bleeder directly. What will they find out? What will they glean from this little furry bastard?

This is very much the start of the first story arc for Moon. The introduction is over – now it’s all about the investigation! Moon and his new partner, Shades Rodriguez are about to start dog paddling in dangerous waters, and there be sharks there. Heavily armed, laser guided, furry faced sharks that want to bite their legs off. With guns. And things. Threats will come from directions you’d never expect. You have been warned.

Evil is back. And it’s sitting on a raised chair in an interrogation room at the heart of the Agency.


Moon 3.1

He-Man is Sexy (And he Knows it)

What better way to celebrate today’s anti-SOPA blackout than by sharing a video that would, in all likelihood, be illegal should the bill pass. He-Man is pretty buff, he knows it and he damn well wants to make sure that you know it too.  JesseWolf‘s video defiantly falls into the sillier end of the spectrum but for the teddy bear alone, it’s worth a watch.


We’re not doing a SOPA blackout today, partly because we’re a primarily UK based site and it wouldn’t have any real impact but mostly because I don’t have the technical know-how to actually implement it. If you’d like to find out more about SOPA and the damage it could do to sites like ours, click here.