Fallen Heroes Pages 1

This week – to kick things off towards the release of Fallen Heroes 1 in February we have the sketch work that started the whole process off. Martin Conaghan is a precise and clear writer with a strong idea of how to achieve the best results and requested a full set of pencil lined draft pages. Although you haven’t seen the finished result I thought it might be interesting to show you the process that built it. BEWARE: SPOILER ALERT!

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Fallen Heroes / Moon Update

Team: Barry Nugent (Author), Martin Conaghan (Writer), Steve ‘Penners’ Penfold (Artist), Gat Melvyn (Colourist)
Fallen Heroes is beginning to show signs of life. Its motor is beginning to run and the final technical checks are being done. 6 more tweaks and final details before the polish and spit is applied and it rolls out for the exhibition lap in Cardiff. The team working on it are poised, professional and clear on their jobs. The sponsors are in place and are being prepared to be emblazoned across its fine chassis. Garish, wild and uncontainable it awaits the last remaining parts to be completed and its ready to race.

Team: Dan Thompson (Writer), Steve ‘Penners’ Penfold (Artist), Ivanna ‘The Fury’ Matilla (Colourist)
The Moon workshop, while still in a slight state of disarray but with a smaller but no less a dedicated, determined or credible team. The parts are there – except two (pages 21 and 22) that are being put together by the chief engineer and will likely be the most powerful components in the vehicle, neatly aligned and ready for assembly. The chief engineer has identified 3 components (pages 12, 13 and 14) he thinks might slow it down and is moving to replace them. However, we all know that the best way to start a race is with a rolling start and this one’ll prove itself when the time comes. The newest crew member (Iv, colourist) is proving herself fast, ferocious and capable – only driving the chief engineer faster and harder to create better and sleeker parts. Knocked together with spit, glue and hard work – Moon’ll track up to the starting line purring like it was the easiest thing in the world.

The simple fact is that both will be rolling out onto the starting line and both crews will be proud of what they’ve achieved. Both will carry the Beyond the Bunker logo on their chassis.

All joking and obscure metaphors aside – it has been a long road (sorry) to reach this point in which all the components are in place and a cohesive and effective team on both projects exists. The February is a clear deadline and Iv and Gat are both tearing their way through the pages to create an immersive and impressive visual read. A bit more elbow grease and we’ll be on our way and you’ll be able to read Fallen Heroes and Moon Issue 1.