Learn How to Fight (or not) With A Lightsaber

Now you too can learn to fight like a real Jedi with the help of this handy youtube guide. No longer need you worry about actually hitting somebody with your lightsaber, instead you can learn to dance around like a fool while waving your glowing laser sword in a picturesque fashion.

Ok, so we know most fight scenes are choreographed but it’s kinda funny to see just how silly the battle in the Phantom Menace really is when slowed right down.


Attack of the Jedi A-holes

From the a-hole side of the galaxy come the a-hole Jedi, a nefarious gang of force pumped douche bags who use the force in ways that Yoda never thought of. But Master Windu might’ve. And Darth Vader definitely did. When not slicing up post boxes in pleasant neighbourhood streets, the Jedi a-holes like nothing more than being douches at the mall, or perhaps the beach. And if that weren’t enough – here’s the making of Jedi A-holes and how to do Lightsabres (a trick we already know but haven’t had a chance to do here at BTB)!! Well it’s almost Christmas isn’t it.


Star Wars Prequels in 2 Minutes…WITH LEGO!

Yeah, so we’re at the Bristol International Comic Expo today. But that doesn’t mean we’re shirking our duty to post up stupid stuff we found on the internet. My love of Lego movies (or “brick-films” as they are apparently known) knows few bounds and this is a fine example as to why.

Damn I love Lego.


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