Dark Knight Rises: Trailer 3

Hold on to your Batarangs Bat-fans as the slow climb to the top is almost over before the inevitable thrill-drop ride of Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s bone crunching, pseudo-realistic, city street demolishing Batman trilogy. From the looks of it this will be the biggest so far, the scale visibly going well beyond that of the previous two as Bane kick drops Brucey out of Gotham City and it would appear tries his own revolution on the streets of Gotham. Exactly what the US Army would have to say about that is left decidedly out but it looks like Batman might just return to save the day.

Based on the Broken Bat series of the early 90s that introduced Bane it suggests a fight back from absolute defeat at the hands of Bane (something they’ve made no attempt to keep secret in the trailer) but there are plenty of questions left unanswered. Like how Catwoman influences things, how Commissioner Gordon will help and where he stands on the hunt for the Batman following the death of Harvey Dent in the last film and how Joseph Gordon-Levitt managed to work his way into this film as well.

There is the issue of how it will all end. Comic book characters have proven increasingly resilient to rebirths. There has been absolutely no ambiguity over whether this is the last of the trilogy and history decrees it’d be 10 years before a reboot (by which time the fans’ll be crying out for it anyway) – so there is, I think, a very real possibility that the Dark Knight will fall in the Dark Knight Rises. The themes apparent in the trailer would suggest that figureheads and leadership are clear here – could Batman be more influential dead?

I feel a new BTB Investigates coming on….

Captain Kirk versus Bane with a CIA arms budget!! THIS IS WAR Trailer.

This little beauty was No.2 most viewed trailer on Imdb between Avengers and the Muppets so highbrow rests in a bucket for another day!! Hooray!!

Tom Hardy takes the money with this little number and Chris Pine comes in out of the icy cold of space to throw in with this girlfriend safe gun game of a movie. It’s a romantic comedy for boys!! Two partners and top agents of the CIA kick ass on a daily basis together until they discover they’re going out with the same girl (Reese Witherspoon). Que zany shooting out of the sky of multi million dollar spy planes (federal offence), fast cars and kooky smashing up of nice looking restaurants. Drag factor of McG aside this is at least a film with Bane and Captain Kirk beating up on each other and your girlfriend might agree to see it. Who knows.

First image released of Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight

The first picture of Tom Hardy as villain Bane in the massively anticipated ‘Dark Knight Rises’ has emerged online. The web was all a hub-bub as bat-fans went wild. On Friday Warner Bros. launched a dedicated website (thedarkknightrises.com), featuring a blank black page and people chanting. Eerie stuff and perhaps indicative of either a following Bane gathers or sounds from his upbringing. No doubt all will be revealed. Doubtless Nolan’s Bane will make more of his ruthless influence and tactical prowess than his previous incarnation in previous franchise killer Batman and Robin, in which Bane was a mute plant beast cum nacho libre style wrestler. Kooky.

Top marks to WB though for trying to drag out the intrigue surrounding the reveal. Later in the day a mysterious Twitter account started tweeting a section of the image. The picture was supposed to be revealed gradually, using the personal twitter icons of retweeters as the individual pixels but super fan hackers cracked the source code, revealing the whole image. The Dark Knight himself’d be proud.

So here he is;

What’d you reckon?

Gary Oldman on Dark Knight Rises

Gary Oldman is an outspoken and seasoned actor – if he says something is good it is going to be very good. Here he gives a fair bit of insight into the security used by Christopher Nolan to keep the script under wraps and very little insight into what we can expect except that it is going to be great.

Trust the Oldman.

Happy Batday! Dark Knight characters revealed!

Big news here again at the Bunker as Warner bros. bosses yesterday confirmed not just who had been cast but also which characters will be featured in the new Nolan Dark Knight movie series. The choices are surprising as both characters have failed in previous attempts on the big screen; however Catwoman will be making a return and Bane; underworld back breaker and all round machevalian lunatic will be lumbering his way on to the screen to take his place in the Dark Knight franchise.

Catwoman (Adam Hughes) and Bane (by the guy who's names at the bottom there).

The most tight lipped casting was that of Catwoman as no one knew the character was even being considered for a reboot. Fighting off advances from Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsale; a main stream and perhaps unexpected actress is taking the coveted role of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman feature; The Dark Knight Rises.

But it will be the stunningly beautiful indy / teen / gay cowboy movie veteran Anne Hathaway following in the footsteps of Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992’s Batman Returns and Halle Berry in a  2004 spin-off of the franchise. With an adorably awkward sexuality, frankly we can’t wait for her to get her knee highs on. Rumours that Halle Berry has been banned from appearing in any more comic book adaptations remain unconfirmed.

However while, thanks to lazy casting, Catwoman has proved the bane of previous incarnations of Batman, this time around Tom Hardy; whom Christopher Nolan directed in last years Inception will be the actual ‘Bane’ of this one. Everyone has known that Tom Hardy was due to appear in the new film however the rumour mill had offered up many possibilities as to who he will play; with adaptations of Killer Croc, Strange and Hush considered as possibilities.

Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are due to appear as Catwoman and Bane in 2011's Dark Knight Rising.

As expected of Nolan as the franchise rolls on and while no one can doubt the raw appeal of his choices neither can be said to just be pretty faces. What lingers in the mind of the Nolan no one can be sure but on this evidence there is every reason to look forward to the next bit of Bat! We will try to shake the idea that Nolan’s need for realism in his bat movies will lead to Anne Hathaway playing a dippy old recluse who tempts ‘her furry little friends’ into the house with string and liver to keep her company and is known by local kids as ‘the Catwoman.’