Skyfall Trailer

It’s been a while since Bond was on our screen. While Casino Royale left everyone wanting more – it’s fair to say that the follow up cooled attitudes. The contrivance of a hotel filled with explosive gas as a finale for a Bond movie stretched things almost as far as the super car-bonnet surfing glacier space laser scene from Dire another Day. But this looks like cleaner, slicker, tougher stuff. Sam Mendes, director of comic adaptation Road to Perdition (featuring Daniel Craig) has a history of crisply shot violence and misunderstood masculinity. So nothing like this then.

Worth a look I’d say.

C.G.I (Chimps Get Intelligent) Rise of Planet of the Apes Trailer

In a rare case of spoiling the greatest movie twist of all time the new Planet of the Apes movie is out. Its looking much more like a franchise reboot than a deliberate edition to the 70s originals. It looks like it could finally give the POA story a backbone that new fans’d enjoy but old fans’ll hate. Jury’s out but this is the first Planet of the Apes movie I’ve actually felt like watching.