The Lady In The Grove – A Ghost Story

Jim Eaton and I are heading off to Reading in a couple of days to shoot our latest short. It’s a ghost story spoof about…well I won’t spoil it but it’ll probably be fairly silly. The film’s been written for this year’s 2 Days Later competition and will be (including competition’s comedic sister 2 Days Laughter) our 8th film for the festival!

It’s been fun working on a ghost story as they’re a particular passion of Jim’s and he has a far better eye than me for them. To help prove that I thought I’d throw up a ghost story that Jim did with Griff Jameson a few years back. It’s a “proper” ghost story rather than one infused with silliness and it’s very good. If you’re a fan of the old M. R. James TV adaptations from the 70s then you’ll dig this.