Moon Launch 2 is ON!!



It’s here!! Moon Launch 2 is on November 24th at The amazing Miller in London Bridge, SE1 3SS. There will be live music, free signed, numbered, limited edition copies of Moon 2 for everyone who attends – unless we run out! We are currently talking to some of the incredible acts that attended Moon Launch 1 to see if they’ll return. As soon as we know, you will know but we have musical and entertainment experts calling in every favour they know to make sure it’ll be a storming night!! Great venue, great company, great live acts, good prices and an exclusive comic book to boot. We will be taking bookings at MCM this weekend and we recommend that anyone coming from outside London book ahead as space is limited!! Look forward to seeing you there!!

Skyfall: New Trailer and that Olympic moment…

Bond is back – seemingly this time from the death – Mendes at the helm, creepy ass bad guy with a hair colour that doesn’t quite suit him (Javier Bardem, apparently moved on from being a lone pressure gun killer in No Country For Old Men to being MI6’s greatest nemesis to date).

Rumours of the scene, provided by Danny Boyle from excess footage left over from the Olympics, in which the Queen fly kicks a bad guy in the neck at Sandringham, does appear to have been left out of this trailer.

For those who missed it at the Olympic Opening Ceremony (you were one of the 2.3 Billion who missed it, eh?) here’s the quintessential moment in which two icons of the British Empire met for the first time and threw themselves out of a Helicopter….

Its a sign! Biggest Moon in 20 years over Britain 1 week before official release of Moon 1!!

As you all know by now its the official release of Moon 1 and the Beyond the Bunker launch party on Saturday 26th 2011. As if in response, the titanic flow of the orbs throughout the dark vacuum of space have given us the single greatest advert for the release of Moon 1 as the Moon itself will be larger in the sky over Britain than in 19 years!!

This is because it’ll be at its closest point in an elliptical orbit around the Earth at the same time as it appearing as a full Moon (fully lit) in the night sky. When the Moon approaches at a distance of 221,567 miles – the closest it will have passed since 1992 the full Moon could appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter to the naked eye, especially when it rises on the eastern horizon at sunset or is offered the right atmospheric conditions.

Conspiracy theorists (can you have a conspiracy involving an orbiting body?) have suggested that the Japan Earthquake was caused by the proximity of the Moon and some scientists have guardedly suggested it might be a mitigating factor in weak pressure points at the Equator as greater pressure is applied to the flow of tides however the effect is unlikely and its viewed as a popular misconception. However, the last close pass to the Earth by the Moon was on January 10th 2005, around the time of the Indonesian Earthquake that also registered 9.0 on the richter scale. Hm. How’s that on your chalkboards professor?!

But for us at the Bunker it’s as if the elliptical orbit was lined perfectly at the very creation of the solar system, when the Moon was in its very infancy and formed from the molten orb of the Earth itself to coincide almost perfectly with the release of Beyond the Bunker’s flagship title and take a closer look. Do not look upon this in doubt, do not stop and think even momentarily that it is – if you think about it – still a week out, don’t talk to me about Astrology – this is Astronomy!! Astronomy at its most meaningful!!

All you have to do in order to honour our great celestial brother in the sky is attend the great pagan alter of the Square Pig in Holborn on the 26th March (next weekend) to receive your copy of Moon 1 – reviewed just yesterday as ‘…like Blackadder if it was made by HBO…’ and ‘it’s rare to see something that looks this good…’

So join the revolution and dance under the great Spring Moon to live musical performances by Paul Sweeney, Cold callers and the Damn Jammage, all prepped up, psyched and ready for riling!! THE MOON DECLARES IT!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Steve P