Peter Hollens & Lindsey Sterling Play The Music of Skyrim

You may already be aware of Lindsey Stirling’s music, she’s carved our quite a nich for herself on the internet by posting videos of herself playing the violin while cosplaying. Given that the violin playing is pretty good (and not at all because lots of people will fall over backwards to watch a pretty girl run around in the snow) she’s now quite an established presence on youtube and rightly so. It’s not like the violin is a particularly over represented instrument in popular culture.

The real star this time though is vocalist, Peter Hollens, who steps in to add some Thumm (remember when we were saying that word every day a few months back, just sounds silly now doesn’t it) to Lindsey’s fiddle. In creating this collection of music from the Elder Scrolls, the pair have forgone the usual backing track and instead used multiple layers to create a tune entirely powered by voice and violin. The video is very very silly but the music is extremely impressive.

Have a great Easter.