The Lost Jedi: Padawan Mooba Choobi

Padawan Mooba Choobi is under the tutelage of Jedi Master Govija Kaoli. While rumours that the prophecy of the chosen one that would bring balance to the force continue to flow around the Jedi Temples throughout the galaxy, some suspect, mostly those who have never met him, that Mooba Choobi represents an alternative to Anakin Skywalker. It has been observed by both Master Windu and Master Yoda that Mooba Choobi’s innate connection to the force helps him survive in incredibly dangerous circumstances. Although Mooba is unable to harness the force to his own ends it manifests at times of great danger (like a universal survival instinct). Whether Govija Kaoli can survive it is another matter entirely.


Darth Idiots

No fanbase is without it’s lunatic fringe and many would argue that the lunatic fringe starts pretty early among devout Star Wars fans. The coolest perhaps of the Sci-fi cult creators Star Wars is still without a doubt a generator of hilarious nonsense. This time we have a mumbling chubber, a genuinely cheering Trooper dance and Yoda / Ninja baby. These are the Darth Idiots – except the baby. That’s just a baby.

Darth Maul is a seething red and black ball of sadistic evil and malevolent Kung Fu kapowerry. Someone I can only describe as Seth Maul (above) is a mumbling Red and black bulb of silly.

Sometimes it can be said that you can over think things. In fact, the prequels can be pretty much ascribed to a chronic over think of what is a simple subject. Galactic politics and emotional teenage chatter or fighter battles and lost Jedi? Neither. A man in a muddy car boot sale thrusting his crutch to a silly song. Lucas was wrong both times.

Appearing here before – Yoda baby. Formerly Ninja baby. Hey ya!!

Lost Jedi: Padawan Man El Perio

Man El Perio (Alan Mandel Butler) is a reliable and serious minded Padawan. While at times easily distracted when focussed on things less relevant to the immediate cause, Man El Perio focusses like a laser on the subject at hand when the situation requires it. During a Jedi incursion on a Separatist Communication Junker in Deep Space, Man El Perio is sent into the recesses of the hulk to identify the communications array and disable it. While hidden in the confined spaces of the cable ducts, the Clone Troopers turn on their Jedi Generals. Man El Perio is trapped and forced to watch as his Master and fellow Jedi are slaughtered. With the fall of the last Jedi, only three Clone Troopers remain. However, a vengeful Separatist Security Droid is haunting the halls too – looking for someone to blame for the destruction of his deep space home. Its a matter of who finish who off first – Man El Perio’s only advantage – they don’t know he’s there…. yet.

Lost Jedi: The Kashyyk Contingent

Sent to Kashyyk to handle ground assaults, evacuation and supply lines on the far side of the planet, this small contingent of Jedi find themselves caught in a struggle to secure the safe passage of fleeing Wookies, refusal from Wookie councils to move off planet, the rapidly advancing separatist forces, the Clone army who have now turned on them and an attempt to protect and evacuate the Jedi Order’s most valued Master in Yoda.

Jedi Commander Ja Himan

Ja Himan (Himanshu Ojha) is a showman. A lunatic with a lightsabre he favours displays of viruosity and skill at times above the final result. He is effectively a swordsman of old. Preferring the parry and the thrust of one on one conflict, he will take on a tank as if a single opponent. On the whole he wins and his displays demoralise most opposition but his need to include danger can at times imperil his associates, something the extraction team that remains after Order 66 express regularly. However, he is almost always a great leader and a great source of morale for demoralised troops. A true friend to most Jedi, Ja Himan is an honest and true Jedi with only the best intentions. Brave and bold, it is his task to lead what is left of the Jedi on Kashyyk to an extraction point on the far side of the planet.

Frustrated Jedi Padawan Om Dom Chavi

Om Dom Chavi believes himself to be worthy of Knighthood. However, he believed this on day one of his training. Yoda despairs in his training as his focus on the far future limits his capacity to improve in the present. Never the less, Om Dom Chavi fights bravely when called upon – however can be relied upon to moan almost constantly throughout the process.

Jedi Knight Corin Darklighter

Corin Darklighter is distant Uncle to the famed X-Wing Pilot of Yavin. A capable and solemn Jedi Knight, he is at once quiet and thoughtful and aware of much that lies around him. An observant character he is subject to distraction. Something that has kept him from becoming a fully fledged master. He is prone to self doubt but always comes through when the need is greatest. He is more pacifist than many Jedi Knights, preferring to find a peaceful solution. This proves of great help during the negotiations with local Wookie leaders regarding evacuation.

Jedi Padawan Ruba Knightro

Jedi Knight Ruba Knightro is a passive, romantic figure. Softly spoken but ferocious in battle, his slight frame belies a manic fighter. At times subject to bouts of loss and grief, Ruba has to overcome more in the jungle than his immediate adversaries. However, when he is settled in himself he is the cheeriest and light heartedest of the group, enjoying the sights and sounds and experiences that Kashyyk offers between battles.

Rowrra the Beater. A giant Wookie (even by Wookie standards) Rowrra is made guide to the Jedi through the backwaters of Kashyyk. Responsible for the safety of his group, Rowrra is beligerent and difficult at almost all times but a ferocious warrior and capable tracker and navigator.

Best Star Wars Ads… Ever Part 3: Yoda and Flying Glass!!

We here at Beyond the Bunker are anti-in-your-face advertising however we’re well aware that things need to be sold and people need to be told about them. But its when a generation of Star Wars geeks reaches an age where they can define the direction of an ad campaign that you get to see some corkers- like these….

Crumbling pots Yoda must buy….

Attack of the themed Burger King glasses!!

Best Star Wars Ads Ever Pt 1 : The Dark Lord of the Sith.

We here at Beyond the Bunker are anti-in-your-face advertising however we’re well aware that things need to be sold and people need to be told about them. But its when a generation of Star Wars geeks reaches an age where they can define the direction of an ad campaign that you get to see some corkers- like these….



Oh look – there’s another ad…. I wonder what that’s for? Loook…. Use the force (of your clicking finger)… Loook…. Loook…..

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More shameless clamp-ons to major movie franchises next week. I love Star Wars!!

Gone a bit Dark Side…. Ahsoka turns in new Clone Wars series 3 (5).

Star Wars: Clone Wars is the story of the Jedi led Clone army (later to be turned into the Imperials) and the technological industrial complex (no really) led by clanking cyborg reptilian Jedi Hunter General Grievous and Sith Lord Count Dooku. The latest (third in the CGI series and fifth overall) seems to be offering a long awaited character twist for Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, Ahsoka Tano (see base of post).

Genndy Tartovsky’s (Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack) take on the Clone Wars was a kick-ass, near-dialogueless set to between Clone Troopers and Droid armies with incredibly effective battle sequences thrown in. Genndy’s genius is his simple design work, allowing for cinematic sequences to be created by concentrating on movement, pacing and composition in every sequence. Its telling that the visually far more superior CGI series that arrived later is notably less exciting or interesting but it has its plus side – mainly that I was hooked by the 25 episodes of Genndy’s time on the project.

But the hooks are three fold. George Lucas skipped out the part we wanted to see in the films – namely the Clone Wars themselves as Episode II sees the beginning of the conflict and then dropped Skywalker and Obi Wan into the final days of the war at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith so it offers up the battles themselves. The second is the development of the design work – as these new series are continuing to push the boundaries of TV animation. But the third is the question as to why Anakin Skywalker, the central character fell to the Dark Side. The new series follows him as a Knight and has introduced a character notably absent in Revenge of the Sith. Ahsoka Tano; Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. Anybody confused by Anakin Skywalker’s plummet into the Dark Side in the course of Revenge are watching this situation closely. And series 3 of the CGI series seems to be offering up the answer….

We’re just going to have to see what happens when it arrives on UK shores. But the development of design and detail are very welcome.