What is Moon?

Moon is an action/comedy comic by Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold. But if you want to know what it’s about then just take this handy handy Moon quiz and learn all you need to know about our cosmic protector!

Q1 What happens to the Moon during the day?

A) It is on the other side of the earth and thus not visible.

B) It visits other planets and laughs at their moons.

C) It grows a body and drives around London in a sports car, taking down the forces of international terrorism.

If you answered anything but C then RETURN TO SCHOOLING! You have bought into the lies perpetuated by world governments in a global conspiracy designed to stop you reading sweet comics about a cop with a Moon for a head!
In the year 42AD, a group of Celtic Druids attempted to summon the spirit of the Moon to Earth and bind it in the form of a lithe, feminine warrior with firm buttocks. They failed on almost all counts. Moon is a tall skinny guy with a big Moon where his head should be and all the grace of an ice skating Panda, but if you so much as think of inferring that he does not have buns of steel, he will orbit a stapler at your head! He works for a not-so-secret government agency imaginatively named “The Agency” with the remit of taking on criminals deemed too strange for conventional police.

Q2 Moon’s partner is:

A) A magical pony called Sparkledust Tenderhoof.

B) The Queen.

C) A violent, gun-slinging traffic warden called Shades Rodriguez who once caused over a million pounds worth of property damage just to issue a parking ticket.

If you once again failed to answer C then get your pony loving backside out of my country and stop defaming the name of her Majesty!
Shades Rodriguez is so badass that he once drank a smoothie made entirely from wazzed up Kiefer Sutherland films and beef. He comes from Detroit, drives a Mustang  and knows that sometimes you have to electrocute soft toys if you want the little bastards to tell you where the bombs are! Shades and Moon hate each other but only by learning to work together do they stand a chance of overcoming the dark, shoggothian legions that want to drag them into the bowels hell and do horrible things to their bottoms…they’re a bit like Ant & Dec in that regard.

Q3 Moon is a comic about:

A) The tear jerking search for true love in the cold, harsh world of 19th Century thimble making.

B) A what-if story that explores a world in which Superman was raised by marmots.

C) The facemeltingly cool adventures of a man with a Moon for a head and his lunatic partner as they attempt to avenge the death of Moon’s best friend by beating the snot out of anything too weird to tolerate on the streets of London, England!!

If you answered C then you have successfully spotted the formulaic pattern of this quiz. Now cosy up with your pet wolf, crack open an ice cold shandy and get ready for a Moonfist salad of evil-monster punching action! Do it! The Omega-Womb commands you!


For all the latest news and updates keep an eye on our MOON NEWS SECTION!


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